Matt being offered ice cream

I build imperfect things and I’m proud of it

Hi! I’m Matt. I’m a dad, founder, designer, coder, dreamer, implementer, <pause for breath> and fledgeling marketer.

I’ve been building things for a long time. I’ve learned a lot about how to balance planning and structure with agility and realism. Perfection is the enemy.

The Kind of Things I’ve Built Previously

  • Software
    9 years
  • Teams
    5 years
  • Children
    12 years

Projects I’ve Launched

Screenshot of Blotter, superpowers for Tweeting and Blogging


You blog and you Tweet. Blotter supercharges both by making them work together. Blog comments powered by Twitter, and Tweets generated from your blog posts.

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Screenshot of Side Hustle Cool, the job board for builders

Side Hustle Cool

You build because you love it. You’re employed to earn a living. Side Hustle Cool is the first job site that only lists jobs that support or encourage folks to keep building on the side.

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Screenshot of CardHero, the easier way to get amazing greeting cards for someone special


Love is good. Chores are bad. CardHero mails you all the cards you need for your loved ones' birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, and more. Pick a single card or curate your own bundle with CardHero’s AI-powered card recommendation engine.

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